Leading Indian HR Tech startup expands to Europe

Mettl, leading provider of online assessments and certification solutions in India, partners with Expedition 8 to enter the European market. Expedition 8 offers training and consulting around strategy execution, competency development and HR management. Both companies did announce a strategic partnership for Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Established 2011 in Gurgaon, Haryana (India), Mettl serves today customers in 88 countries worldwide by collaborating with more than 20 partners. „We are the fastest growing HR Tech Start up out of India, which is innovating at a clip to help our customer hire and develop talent. Being one of the largest economies in the world and a powerhouse of talent worldwide, Germany is an obvious cornerstone in our global expansion plan. We are glad to have found a partner in Expedition 8 who brings a wealth of experience in the HR space in German speaking economies, together we want to solve for many people imperatives around talent measurement.“, Siddhartha Gupta, Mettl’s Chief Revenue Officer, states.

Alexander Göttling, Managing Partner at Expedition 8, does highlight common interests and objectives; „Mettl does provide the tools we do need to support our customers in implementing change effectively. Our principle is to develop solutions which actually work out instead of conceptually nice slide decks. HR tech solutions such as Mettl’s platform are a cornerstone of this strategy.“

As part of their long-term partnership, both companies will begin with offering skill assessments for software developers – so called Coding Tests – to understand which coding skills candidates and employees actually have. So far, such information, which is essential to hire the right candidates as well as to set up focused learning and develop programs, is not available for most people managers and HR departments. Step by step other products such as psychometric or aptitude tests or a platform to run online certifications will be introduced. In 2018 additional target groups will be addressed.

Additional information about Mettl can be found on https://mettl.com